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Why Turkey For Health Tourism?

Why Turkey For Health Tourism?

With the advance of globalization, a new term is coined to define ever-increasing number of patients visiting foreign countries for health purposes. Medical tourism is the catchword in this quest to find the best value for money service in health sector. Countries are in competition to grab its share in this incessantly growing pie. When it comes to medical tourism Turkey is one of the most successful countries in luring the tourists into its hospitals and medical centers.

Ankara as Central Health Tourism Spot

Turkey enjoys being among the prime health tourism destinations for all sort of aesthetic surgeries. Doctors in Turkey undergo a thorough and strict education to become experts in this field. Ankara is home to Turkey’s prestigious medical schools. Most of the graduates from these top schools set up clinics in Turkey’s capital city. Clinics in Ankara has also good reputation for high-tech features which use up-to-date techniques and even make advancements in aesthetic technology.

While the clinic services in Ankara are prime quality, the prices are highly competitive than many other countries in the world. Due to low cost of living, competitive currency with regard to foreign currencies and government subsidies in medical sector, Turkish clinics offer all types of aesthetic surgeries at favorable prices. Furthermore, clinics in Ankara offer all-inclusive treatment packages that includes of flights, accommodation, inland transfer, treatment, after-surgery care and translation services. For health tourism Ankara is a smart choice for your all types of health needs.

İstanbul as Prime Health Tourism Spot

Clinics in Istanbul Clinic rely on their experience and knowledge to meet and satisfy the most sophisticated requests of health tourists. Istanbul’s fame is growing in the world as its market share in global pie is expanding. Turkish government also invests in medical tourism sector to maintain İstanbul’s position in the world. For patients seeking health tourism İstanbul is a prime spot as there are approximately 20 million people each year visiting a foreign country for health purposes. Turkey is among the ten destinations in the world alongside countries such as US, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, UK, India, Mexico, Malaysia and Iran.

The majority of medical tourists choose Istanbul as their destination for various treatments such as dental aesthetics, plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, optical treatment, laser eye surgery, liposuction, nose job, hair transplants, and other aesthetic procedures. A significant number of people also come to enjoy the popular thermal facilities for rehabilitation purposes. Tourists coming to İstanbul not only enjoy reasonable prices at world-class clinics with advanced technology, but also use this opportunity to visit worldly renowned touristic places in the city.  

Where Does Turkey Rank in Health Tourism?

If you ask your global medical tourism agency, it will cite Turkey among the top 5 countries by number of international patients in the world which are namely USA, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey. When it comes to reasons for health tourism Turkey is home to 48 healthcare facilities which are accredited by JCI and deemed as meeting international standards. In Turkey, both private hospitals as well as university hospitals and public hospitals offer high quality services and continue to invest in the infrastructure for health tourism Turkey. The hospitals which have international accreditation are audited twice a year. The Ministry of Health plays a central role to oversee the auditing process. The Turkish Ministry of Health has set up a Health Tourism Department and assigned this body to work on the development of health tourism in Turkey, publishing books and arranging summits. Private, public and university hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, are endowed with the most advanced technology in the world. Oncological treatments, cardiovascular operations, aesthetic surgery, ophthalmology and dental treatments are presented in these hospitals.

The medical resource we used while preparing the publication: Hair Transplant Turkey

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